Summer 2024

What it do? Once again, time is flying and this rollercoaster called life doesn’t take a break. It’s been a few months since I posted here but it feels like days. I’ve cranked out a bunch of videos on my 3 YouTube channels so be sure to catch up on all the latest. I also am about to embark on a European screening tour. It’s 2024 and things have changed forever. The “club” scene is pretty much over compared to what It once was and on top of that I’m an old guy now and I need to be in my bed by a certain time instead of partying all night. Lol While I no longer have the interest or passion to do extended dj sets at nightclubs I still enjoy performing and tearing up some turntables so it was time to go in a new direction. Patrons are looking for a different experience and that is what this run will provide. I will be in the building for the screening of “Hard Time” The Movie that I acted in as well as edited and scored and as a bonus feature we will show a documentary on my group Das Efx. An afterparty will follow featuring a turntable showcase by me and the other djs on hand will handle the afterparty from there. That sounds like something new for the people that I looking forward to enjoying. If I’m in your town, come thru! ✌🏾

Update – Nov 2023

Peace family. It’s been a while. I’ve been on my grind as I always am in many forms. For a few months I put tremendous effort into starting a new lane on my YouTube channel by creating an entertainment variety show, The World Wide Show. I was beginning to get a little traction going with it and as soon as I started to get a little deeper politically YouTube pulled the plug on me and my channel was squashed by its algorithm. There is no way any video I make with close to 9000 subscribers should get less than 10 measly views. However, as I started to make more videos that didn’t go along with the agendas and narratives of the powers that be my main channel was shadow banned. I decided to create 2 new channels and try to build them from the ground up. I now have 3 YouTube channels. My main channel, DjRondevu, where I had to delete close to 3 million views worth of videos as I try to get it back in the favor of the algorithm as well as RondevuWorld which will have travel and fitness content and CommonSenseNews which is a news and politics channel. The news channel has already been suppressed and some really well made videos have gone completely unnoticed and buried by the algorithm. At the moment I am on a 1 month trip so my focus is on the travel and fitness channel but soon I will be contributing to all 3 again. Please subscribe to the new channels and like and share the videos so we can attempt to break out of the algorithmic chains I currently find myself bound by as free speech is being suffocated in these confusing times.

The World Wide Show

Sometimes things just come to you. After years of a general malaise with the music and entertainment industry I was content to primarily handle my other business dealings outside of media. However, after seeing what seems to be an endless amount of interchangeable content on YouTube with everyone with a similar look to their production and speaking on the same topics in the same tone I decided to throw my hat into the arena. With the World Wide Show I hope you will find it as a refreshing look at the same old bullshit that we all find ourselves dealing with in modern society but from a unique perspective with a twist of comedy, satire and dope beats. Please make sure to check it out and do like and comment to advance the show in YouTube’s algorithm so it gets the views it deserves. 👍🏾

Catching Up…

Peace Family. Here are some recent drops. Been on my grind building my new show “The World Wide Show” from scratch. I’ll continue to post music from time to time on YouTube but their policies can be very frustrating at times with things like my mixtapes and remixes. In the meantime here’s some more timeless Dj Rondevu material. Enjoy. 😎


XXXtra Wicked

This will be dating myself but do you remember ? Once upon a time King Raj up in Canada had the biggest reggae website in the world, until the feds ran down on him. This mixtape was one of the many titles of mine featured on the site. The feature model on the original artwork even threatened to sue over having her on the cover. Lol 😆 I found the old master of this over 20 year old mix but unfortunately it was damaged so I had to edit some parts out as well as split it and mute a song to keep YouTube from blocking it completely. Below are the 2 parts as well as a reggae remix I made with Akon. More Fire 🔥

Original XXXtra Wicked 3 Artwork