Update – Nov 2023

Peace family. It’s been a while. I’ve been on my grind as I always am in many forms. For a few months I put tremendous effort into starting a new lane on my YouTube channel by creating an entertainment variety show, The World Wide Show. I was beginning to get a little traction going with it and as soon as I started to get a little deeper politically YouTube pulled the plug on me and my channel was squashed by its algorithm. There is no way any video I make with close to 9000 subscribers should get less than 10 measly views. However, as I started to make more videos that didn’t go along with the agendas and narratives of the powers that be my main channel was shadow banned. I decided to create 2 new channels and try to build them from the ground up. I now have 3 YouTube channels. My main channel, DjRondevu, where I had to delete close to 3 million views worth of videos as I try to get it back in the favor of the algorithm as well as RondevuWorld which will have travel and fitness content and CommonSenseNews which is a news and politics channel. The news channel has already been suppressed and some really well made videos have gone completely unnoticed and buried by the algorithm. At the moment I am on a 1 month trip so my focus is on the travel and fitness channel but soon I will be contributing to all 3 again. Please subscribe to the new channels and like and share the videos so we can attempt to break out of the algorithmic chains I currently find myself bound by as free speech is being suffocated in these confusing times.


The year was 2005 and my mixtape career was in full swing. After over a decade of paying dues in the mixtape circuit as the underdog with actual tapes I had finally moved up to be one of the more recognized djs in the game. The preferred medium was now CDs and a lot of the top guys from when things were tapes were losing their positions. With Das Efx on hiatus I was no longer doing world tours with them or spending time in the studio working on songs. I wasn’t interested in any bookings for parties and I focused all of my attention on mixtapes. Since the 4 Horsemen Pt 1 I had been dropping classic material with every release. I had just put out my independent album and dvd “Dangerous Minded” and I knew I had to drop another classic mixtape to follow it up. I had set a high standard for myself so I had to meet it if not exceed it. I put in almost 2 months of work in the lab and the result was The 4 Horsemen Pt 3. Below is the entire mixtape for your enjoyment. Please make sure to subscribe to my YouTube page while you’re listening.


If you didn’t know, I’ve been putting in work behind the boards for quite some time now. Since the early 90’s to be exact. As I was on the come up I was dedicated to every aspect of DJ life. From rocking parties to  turntablism to mixing and making mixtapes I worked tirelessly to improve. I also spent countless hours “digging in the crates” at thrift shops, yard sales, and many other dusty settings to acquire old records and learn the art of production. From pause tapes to the crunchy 8 second sampler on a Gemini Scratch Master up to a full Akai MPC and keyboards midi studio setup I paid my dues to be able to call myself a “producer”. From releasing underground white labels to internationally charting party break records to producing multi platinum artists I have put together a respectable body of production work. I have started a series on YouTube that will showcase some of these songs that you may or may not know of. Please subscribe to my YouTubePage so you can know about them when they drop. Enjoy

2021 Wu Flu Update

What it is fam? It’s been quite a while. The world is a different place since my last post. Last time I checked in I was letting you know about a month long European tour with my brothers Das Efx. We now live in a world of vaccine passports and lockdowns and ain’t no tours coming anytime soon. We were lucky enough to finish out the entire tour and we made it home 2 days before Europe was completely shut down. Shortly after we returned to the US I took a vacation to the Caribbean where there were virtually no cases of the “cough”. Sure enough after being there 3 days the airport, the country and pretty much the entire world shut down. What was to be a 2 week trip turned into 5 MONTHS! I’m not complaining though. Better to be locked down in paradise than a concrete jungle.

Hopefully next year there will be some type of order in the world and we can resume rocking stages around the globe. Until then here’s a clip from a show in Berlin,Germany. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube page. I have a library of material to share with you guys and will be uploading regularly. All the best.




Peace ya’ll. I know it’s been a minute but your boy got a lot on his plate, in a good way. I spent Thanksgiving Day in the air and my birthday weekend rocking out with my dudes Das Efx in back to back shows in Colombia, South America and at the Linea16XL MC Battle in Mexico the next day. Since then I’ve been gearing up for the release of HARD TIME – THE MOVIE. If you didn’t know, I’ve been doing film work for a long time. I actually was one of the pioneers of the street DVD movement in the early 2000’s and have since made a few music videos. For the past few years I have been quietly writing short stories to adapt to films and screenplays in the future. A few years back by a fluke meeting that can only be called fate, I met a director who wanted me in his short film. A couple years later and here we are with HARD TIME – THE MOVIE. I know I’ve been saying I’m gonna be acting more and here is the proof. I actually intend to focus a lot more on my budding actor/film maker career. Live the life you love and love the life you live.


Colombia, South America