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Drippin Wet 3
Drippin Wet 2
Good Tymes 4
Good Tymes Pt. 3
Good Tymes Pt. 2
Good Tymes Pt. 1
Carter Chronicles 1
Carter Chronicles 2
Carter Chronicles 3
Carter Chronicles 4
Carter Chronicles 5
Dirty Business I
Dirty Business II
Dirty Business III
The 4 Horsemen I
The 4 Horsemen II
The 4 HorseMen III
Smokin Reggae Classics
The Best Of The Gang
Godbrothers 2
Knights Of The Round Table I
Knights Of The Round Table II
Knights Of The Round Table III
Knights of the Round Table IV
C.H.U.D. 1
C.H.U.D. 3
Dripping Wet
Feelin' Irie 2
Feelin' Irie 3
Feelin' Irie 4
Feelin Irie Pt 5
Napalm 2
Naplam 3
Red Carpet
The New Breed
We Be Burnin'
The Depression

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