Peace ya’ll. I know it’s been a minute but your boy got a lot on his plate, in a good way. I spent Thanksgiving Day in the air and my birthday weekend rocking out with my dudes Das Efx in back to back shows in Colombia, South America and at the Linea16XL MC Battle in Mexico the next day. Since then I’ve been gearing up for the release of HARD TIME – THE MOVIE. If you didn’t know, I’ve been doing film work for a long time. I actually was one of the pioneers of the street DVD movement in the early 2000’s and have since made a few music videos. For the past few years I have been quietly writing short stories to adapt to films and screenplays in the future. A few years back by a fluke meeting that can only be called fate, I met a director who wanted me in his short film. A couple years later and here we are with HARD TIME – THE MOVIE. I know I’ve been saying I’m gonna be acting more and here is the proof. I actually intend to focus a lot more on my budding actor/film maker career. Live the life you love and love the life you live.


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Colombia, South America
























2 Pac feat. Mary J Blige – All That I Got Is Mama(Video)

Wow! Was it really over 10 years ago that I made this remix? Where is the time going?? At this time rapmullet.com had djs shook and putting their best foot forward with their mixtapes or hiding and hoping not to be exposed. Websites dedicated to mixtapes, or rather mix cds, were pulling in heavy traffic and making somewhat household names of business minded djs hustling their products. Mixtapes could be found anywhere from websites, record stores, gas stations, clothing stores, sidewalk stands and more. Mixtapes even had their own segment on MTV. This was a special time in the mixtape industry. Here is a remix I did that was featured on The 4 Horsemen Pt 3. I’ve been planning to do some video mixes to some of my classic remixes and here is one I put together the other day. Enjoy.

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WTF is that smell??

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I came across Sha Stimuli’s Website and was reading some posts over there. The brother got some interesting views on things as well as some first rate hip hop music. I was a little late and only got familiar with some of his work a few years ago. When I first heard his album My Soul To Keep I was impressed and followed up with some of his earlier mixtapes that touched a lot of relevant topics that most rappers nowadays would never attempt to including relationships, mortality, politics, spirituality and the likes. The brother is kinda deep but to introduce him to some off my audience I put this track on one of my mixtapes. Its a funny look at a situation most of us have faced at one point or another in our adult lives. You ever meet a BAAAAD chic only to have her drop the panties and as Biggie said, it smelled like sanitation? I know this can be a sticky situation for the man as well as the woman, who is somehow oblivious to it sometimes ?? Check the video above for an interesting look at this sensitive issue. I also hear he is working on a book. Do support the dude. The game needs more people like him.

I Want My MTV Back

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Once upon a time there was a revolutionary channel that broadcast music videos, all day everyday. WTF happened? Can you remember the last time you actually saw a music video on MTV? Now the only things you can see on there is “reality tv” where we gets looks inside the lives of knocked up trailer trash that had to drop out of high school or fist pumping guidos that will die of skin cancer within 15 years. I’m not going to lie. Jersey Shore is one of my guilty pleasures. In an almost sadistic way I enjoy watching these shows sometimes. Shheeeeit, I wouldn’t mind getting $100,000 an episode for a camera crew to follow me and my crew around acting the fool but I digress. The ratings for these shows are outrageous so there will be no end to it anytime soon but what about the music?

MTV’s sub station BET is very similar. What happened to the music and exposing new artists and groups to the world. I know I’m sounding old here but “back in the day” lots of new groups and sounds made their debut on BET. They still have 106 & Park but that is basically the videos of the same 10 songs played on the radio all day. Now its mostly cheesy sitcoms, infomercials and religious programming. Rap City was a staple of urban television for the youth but that was phased out. I was fortunate enough to be invited as the guest on Rap City 5 times while they were on the air.
Do check out some highlights above.

Dubstep – The Next Thing????

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About a year ago I was formally introduced to Dubstep. I am sure I have heard traces of it here and there over the years traveling overseas but never had it in front of me to really take in. I had finished playing a show in Dayton, Ohio and the after party dj/show was a dude named Yetimaster. I saw this guy with a half head of long blue dreadlocks and 2 tables filled with equiptment taking the stage. He had a few computers, keyboards, midi triggers and controllers and what really caught my eye was this big ass 1980’s looking joystick. I was like WTF is going on here??? He set up his equiptment and everyone had drinks and whatever until he started. A few minutes later he starts to play and I was in for a shock!
Yetimaster begins to play some self produced music, using the joystick and all, that sounds kinda electronic but has a very familiar feel to it. The hard drums and deep sub bass were sounding SWEET!!! It had a kind of techno sound to it but the people were dancing to it like they were skankin to the wickedest dub reggae tune ??? U ever see a dread “catch some vibes” ? This is how everyone looked and everyone was having a BALL! The bass was amazing. Hip Hop is heavy on bass but nowadays its more 808’s than nice deep and rich basslines. These were the types of basslines that when the reggae sets would bring out their speakers we would standup in front of earthquakes in Brooklyn and just feel vibes. Then I heard some more reggae styled sounds and it all came to me. If you take elements from dub reggae, hip hop and some new age electro synths you have this new formula called dubstep. Some love it some hate it. Now that it has began to explode in popularity it is being divided into factions. Reggae vs. electro dubstep, UK vs. US, Grime and classic dubstep vs. the more commercial and techno current dubstep. This is very similar to how hip hop was divided. I personally like songs from all sides of the genre but my preference definitely lies in the reggae influenced ones i.e the above clip. I did a party in Switzerland last weekend and I decided I wanted to incorporate some dubstep into my show. THE PLACE WAS ON FIRE!! I hadn’t had that much fun dj’ing in a long time.
Whats the future for dubstep? I dont know but I must say I enjoy it and find it refreshing in this day when hip hop, r n b and reggae are all stagnant yet it includes elements from them all. Look out for a dubstep mix to be posted soon so u can play it in the ride or a system with some good subs and see just what I am talking about.
Yeti Master

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