Dubstep – The Next Thing????

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About a year ago I was formally introduced to Dubstep. I am sure I have heard traces of it here and there over the years traveling overseas but never had it in front of me to really take in. I had finished playing a show in Dayton, Ohio and the after party dj/show was a dude named Yetimaster. I saw this guy with a half head of long blue dreadlocks and 2 tables filled with equiptment taking the stage. He had a few computers, keyboards, midi triggers and controllers and what really caught my eye was this big ass 1980’s looking joystick. I was like WTF is going on here??? He set up his equiptment and everyone had drinks and whatever until he started. A few minutes later he starts to play and I was in for a shock!
Yetimaster begins to play some self produced music, using the joystick and all, that sounds kinda electronic but has a very familiar feel to it. The hard drums and deep sub bass were sounding SWEET!!! It had a kind of techno sound to it but the people were dancing to it like they were skankin to the wickedest dub reggae tune ??? U ever see a dread “catch some vibes” ? This is how everyone looked and everyone was having a BALL! The bass was amazing. Hip Hop is heavy on bass but nowadays its more 808’s than nice deep and rich basslines. These were the types of basslines that when the reggae sets would bring out their speakers we would standup in front of earthquakes in Brooklyn and just feel vibes. Then I heard some more reggae styled sounds and it all came to me. If you take elements from dub reggae, hip hop and some new age electro synths you have this new formula called dubstep. Some love it some hate it. Now that it has began to explode in popularity it is being divided into factions. Reggae vs. electro dubstep, UK vs. US, Grime and classic dubstep vs. the more commercial and techno current dubstep. This is very similar to how hip hop was divided. I personally like songs from all sides of the genre but my preference definitely lies in the reggae influenced ones i.e the above clip. I did a party in Switzerland last weekend and I decided I wanted to incorporate some dubstep into my show. THE PLACE WAS ON FIRE!! I hadn’t had that much fun dj’ing in a long time.
Whats the future for dubstep? I dont know but I must say I enjoy it and find it refreshing in this day when hip hop, r n b and reggae are all stagnant yet it includes elements from them all. Look out for a dubstep mix to be posted soon so u can play it in the ride or a system with some good subs and see just what I am talking about.
Yeti Master

Throwback of the Day – This is Ska

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Oh man. I remember first seeing the video for this on Video Music Box back in the day. This was the time when house was “cool” and didn’t have a gay stigmatism attached to it as it often does in the US now. All the house heads and hip hop cats were intermingled. You would be surprised to know how many of your favorite hardcore rappers from the mid 90’s were running around with polka dot and other kind of wild print shirts, frankenstein shoes, black medallions, oversized applejack hats and shells in their hair.

Original Gangsta – Eazy E & MC Ren – DJ Rondevu Remix


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This is one of my favorite remixes I’ve made over the years if not my all time favorite. I was going to put a video together for this but someone was kind enough to post it on youtube. =) If you need the whole enchilada you can get Dirty Business 2 from the cd shop.

DJ Rondevu @ Club Rok – Luzern, Switzerland 9/2/2011

9/2/2011 DJ Rondevu @ Club Rok in Luzern, Switzerland

Das Efx & DJ Rondevu @ MTV Music Festival Poland


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Me and my dudes rockin the spot out in Poland.

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