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I came across Sha Stimuli’s Website and was reading some posts over there. The brother got some interesting views on things as well as some first rate hip hop music. I was a little late and only got familiar with some of his work a few years ago. When I first heard his album My Soul To Keep I was impressed and followed up with some of his earlier mixtapes that touched a lot of relevant topics that most rappers nowadays would never attempt to including relationships, mortality, politics, spirituality and the likes. The brother is kinda deep but to introduce him to some off my audience I put this track on one of my mixtapes. Its a funny look at a situation most of us have faced at one point or another in our adult lives. You ever meet a BAAAAD chic only to have her drop the panties and as Biggie said, it smelled like sanitation? I know this can be a sticky situation for the man as well as the woman, who is somehow oblivious to it sometimes ?? Check the video above for an interesting look at this sensitive issue. I also hear he is working on a book. Do support the dude. The game needs more people like him.

Throwback of the Day – Tiger & Gregory Isaacs – Hiccup

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Bwoy, dis chune too wicked! If you didn’t know by now, I’m from Brooklyn and I love reggae music. I love all music but when I’m ready to get into a certain mode nothing does it for me like some old school reggae. I still remember listening to this on a “cyasette”

I Want My MTV Back

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Once upon a time there was a revolutionary channel that broadcast music videos, all day everyday. WTF happened? Can you remember the last time you actually saw a music video on MTV? Now the only things you can see on there is “reality tv” where we gets looks inside the lives of knocked up trailer trash that had to drop out of high school or fist pumping guidos that will die of skin cancer within 15 years. I’m not going to lie. Jersey Shore is one of my guilty pleasures. In an almost sadistic way I enjoy watching these shows sometimes. Shheeeeit, I wouldn’t mind getting $100,000 an episode for a camera crew to follow me and my crew around acting the fool but I digress. The ratings for these shows are outrageous so there will be no end to it anytime soon but what about the music?

MTV’s sub station BET is very similar. What happened to the music and exposing new artists and groups to the world. I know I’m sounding old here but “back in the day” lots of new groups and sounds made their debut on BET. They still have 106 & Park but that is basically the videos of the same 10 songs played on the radio all day. Now its mostly cheesy sitcoms, infomercials and religious programming. Rap City was a staple of urban television for the youth but that was phased out. I was fortunate enough to be invited as the guest on Rap City 5 times while they were on the air.
Do check out some highlights above.

The Wonders of the Internet – Das Efx Dubstep Remix

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Das Efx Dubstep Remix

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Modern technology and the internet are amazing things. The things we wished we could do years ago we take for granted now. With the internet and all the other advances in technology, communicating to people all over the world and reaching a large global audience is something that can be done with a few keystrokes and an internet connection. There once was a time when a producer could be making some hot beats in his bedroom but without proper representation they would never be heard. With the internet now a producer could post something today and be a household name a few weeks later. Before, and artist could finish a new song and it would be weeks or months before it reaches the masses. Now an email after the final mix can mean exposure to millions within hours. Sure the internet has destroyed the recording industry, or at least the old business model of it, but it has also brought many changes and possibilities that never existed.

Recently I was online looking for a das efx dubstep mix. Being that I am the dj for the group it would be pretty hot to drop an exclusive das efx dubstep track when I’m doing my thing in nightclubs around the world. I found one from a producer in Ireland that sounded pretty good but it needed a little work. I contacted him and told him I was part of the group and would like to redo the track. He sent me the instrumental and some sounds and in a few hours I had performed surgery on the original track and had something ready to mash up clubs everywhere. Only in times like this can a producer in Europe post a remix of a groups song online today, be contacted by the group in the US a few days later and a few days after that have a track co-signed by the group being played in clubs and radio all over the world. You can’t be mad at that. Big up to McGoolio out of Ireland, the original producer of this track, for letting me remix it and share it with the world.

Skoob of Das Efx presents Boogee Bang – F U

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Heres some new music from Boogee Bang presented by Skoob of Das Efx. The title sums up what I want to tell a select few people out there. =)

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