they_live8 “Lets go to the City!” As a youth from Brooklyn that meant something once upon a time. Manhattan or “The City” as people who lived in the outer boroughs would call it was where everything was. Sure there were things going on where we lived but “The City” always had a special mystique to it. Going to 42nd street a.k.a. Forty Deuce or the Deuce or Greenwich Village a.k.a. the Village amongst other hot spots in Manhattan was an event to look forward to. There was an excitement in the air that had to be felt to understand. It was a melting pot of different people, scenes and cultures. You could sense danger but it only added to the experience. You had a feeling that what was going on here was only going on here and at that time it was true. How things have changed.

Recently I was in the Lower East Side to meet a few friends and hang out and while walking the streets I felt like I was in a scene from the movie “They Live”. Gentrification has hit and “The City” I once knew is now dead and gone and replaced with a sterile and hollow shell of what it was. Things can never stay the same forever but the soul and character of this once inspiring city has died. No longer does it have the charm of the greatest city in the world. It now feels like Anytown, USA with franchises and chain stores replacing the mom and pops start ups and independent businesses that were unique to New York. Many of these businesses have been forced out of their places of business to uncertain futures by skyrocketing rents and greedy landlord looking to cash in on the next corporate tenant. The array of characters that once walked the streets have mostly been replaced by zombie like people stareing at their smart phone. I almost had at least 10 collisions with people who were not looking where they walked as they were immersed in what was on their phone while they walked to Starbucks or Chipotle.

I can only say that I am glad that I was able to experience NY for being the cultural center of the world and inspiring city that it was. It definitely changed the course of my thinking and life. Thanks for everything but I have to sadly bid you adieu.


Krazy Drayz of Das Efx – REAL

New single from Krazy Drayz, 1/2 of the legendary duo Das Efx. Produced by Sensei Walingh & scratches by yours truly, DJ RondevuKrazyDrayz_Realhttps://soundcloud.com/djrondevu/krazy-drayz-of-das-efx-real-dirty

Das Efx in Japan

May 1st in Tokyo & May 5th in Osaka


2 Pac feat. Mary J Blige – All That I Got Is Mama(Video)

Wow! Was it really over 10 years ago that I made this remix? Where is the time going?? At this time rapmullet.com had djs shook and putting their best foot forward with their mixtapes or hiding and hoping not to be exposed. Websites dedicated to mixtapes, or rather mix cds, were pulling in heavy traffic and making somewhat household names of business minded djs hustling their products. Mixtapes could be found anywhere from websites, record stores, gas stations, clothing stores, sidewalk stands and more. Mixtapes even had their own segment on MTV. This was a special time in the mixtape industry. Here is a remix I did that was featured on The 4 Horsemen Pt 3. I’ve been planning to do some video mixes to some of my classic remixes and here is one I put together the other day. Enjoy.

YouTube Preview Image


DAMN, Why They Wanna Stick Me For My Website ??


Happy New Year. 2014 was a good year for your boy. I met lots of great people, went to some fantastic places and learned a lot about myself. I am looking forward to an even better 2015.
Even though I will be putting even more time and interest into other business ventures and personal goals and less into music I will always be a dj. The other night I was hanging out with one of my old dj buddies and someone we were with asked for my website. I gave it to them and thought everything was cool. The next day I got a phonecall to let me know that there was a problem. They said they could not access the site from their phone. That was strange as my site is my homepage and I see it everyday when I get on the internet from my computer. I thought, “What kind of bullsh!t phone u got?”. I visited the site again from my computer and everything was fine but then I tried from my phone.
As I tried to go to my site I was redirected and greeted by some big ass Russian titties on a foreign porn site. (-) (-) WTF !! Apparently a hacker infected my site with some malware and was steering all my mobile traffic to this site for leads $. C@ckSuckers!!! I had to shell out some paper to some pros and they took care of it but it just goes to show you always gotta watch your back even if its your cyberback. Someone will always be looking for that juks in one way or the other. 😉

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