DJ Rondevu @ Club Rok – Luzern, Switzerland 9/2/2011

9/2/2011 DJ Rondevu @ Club Rok in Luzern, Switzerland

Das Efx & DJ Rondevu @ MTV Music Festival Poland


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Me and my dudes rockin the spot out in Poland.

DJ RONDEVU – Live in Albania

Just in case you don’t know how it goes down in the club when they book ya boy ……

shoutout to elvis for the vid

The Ghetto Big Mac

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That Thirstin Howl III clip got me thinking. Sometimes you just have to use what you have available or what you can afford to get what you want. Why can’t people just be more creative and adapt to situations? This clip is for the Survivalists out there. =)

Thirstin Howl III – Welfare Pussy – Produced by DJ Rondevu

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Speaking of the homie Thirstin, heres a song we did a few years ago. I’m sure we all know a chic who fits the description.

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